ExtendAir All-Indoor


The EX-4.9i all-indoor digital microwave radio is the highest capacity microwave radio operating in the 4.9 GHz public safety band. The EX-4.9i delivers up to 55 Mbps of aggregate user throughput and up to four T1/E1s at 99.999% guaranteed availability.

Featuring native TDM and native Ethernet transport and full software configurability and upgradeability, the EX-4.9i is designed to meet demanding deployment and security requirements of emergency response, public safety and government organizations seeking the accessibility benefits of an all-indoor configuration.


  • 55 Mbps Maximum Aggregate Ethernet Throughput
  • 4xT1/E1 Maximum TDM Capacity
  • Carrier TDD
  • Native TDM
  • Native Ethernet
  • Selectable Channel Bandwidth
  • Selectable Modulation
  • Advanced Spectrum Diagnostics
  • 128 / 256 bit AES Encryption (Optional)

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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.