Multimode Portable Radio

With Phase 2 upgradability, the P5500 provides access to superior RF specifications and MIL-STD-810F environmental specifications in a resilient package. The portable is available in the Scan (P5550, partial keypad) model and System (P5570, full keypad) model, and has a variety of software options and accessories. Operating modes include EDACS/ProVoice Trunking, OpenSky, P25, and conventional operations. Ergonomic knobs and buttons, a lightweight, durable package, and a range of features make the P5500 an ideal choice.

Operating modes1 :

  • Conventional Analog
  • P25 CAI
  • P25 Phase 1
  • P25 Phase 2
  • EDACS & ProVoice
  • OpenSky

Available Models:

  • VHF (136-174 MHz)
  • UHF Range 1 (335-380 MHz)
  • 800 MHz (806-870 MHz)


  • Encryption (DES/AES)
  • Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP)
  • Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR)
  • Intrinsically Safe Option
  • MDC-1200

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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.